Monday, June 23, 2008

building community to save the world

OK so I am very new to this blog thing.  But I am not new to networking.  So I have an idea and need lots of help.  I want to save the world working in groups of four.  I figure if we can work in groups of four there is enough diversity among us to help us deal with challenges we come up against.  So what I need right now are at least 3 people who want to help me save the world.  One community at a time.  I want it to be an action oriented, idea generating group.  
Please let me know which of these four ways of moving thru the world is how you relate to the world (Taken from InterPlay tm and Move to Greatness: Focusing the Four Essential Energies of a whole and Balanced Leader by Ginny Whitelaw and Betsy Wetzig.
 Swinger: or the person whom connects people to people, places etc.  Also know as a collaborator
 Hanger: A person who gets lots of ideas by reading and taking to others.  Doesn't act very fast at times but when they do it is usually when the time is right. Sometimes called a visionary.
  Thruster: This is the person that has to have their ideas and be heard.  They are out on the forefront before anyone has figured out what they are talking about. (Whitelaw calls this person the driver)
   Shaper: Ok so this is not my strong point.  But these are the folks that just are able to put things together to "make them work".  I am talking procedures, policies etc. 
We have all of these parts to make who we are in the world.  But some of these parts are stronger than others.  Since my first way of operation is one of collaboration I see the importance immediately of working with others.  I do not want to do it all and I want others to join me.  So please join me my campaign to save the world-one group of 4 at a time.   
Thanks for you input
Lay Community Minister for Peace

My thoughts on doing laundry

Well this is my first post and I have to say I am not sure what I am getting into.  But I think it is kind of neat to "talk" to others about what we have learned in saving this world.  I have been hanging my clothes on a laundry rack for years.  Started washing most of my clothes in cold water and now reading about how the sun disinfects will start doing my sheets in cold water also.  But I have a question.  I tried to use the gray water from laundry to water the grass and it killed the grass and I was using an eco-friendly soap supposedly.  What does one do?  And can anyone tell me why my grass died?